Thursday, August 15, 2013

Black Magic

Now as I was experiencing the story I’m about to tell you, I’m not even sure I truly believe it. Part of me is skeptical if ‘Black Magic’ actually exists; the other part of me couldn’t help but be a afraid to know it was happening so close to me. Let me give you some background information.
            It all started when I met Fatima. In all honesty, I don’t even know where she came from, or how I even got introduced to her, but she somehow ended up in the circle of people I know. She came around every once in a while and so I was polite and said hi and so forth.
            But over time I started to get a bad feeling about her.  She was trying to seduce my step-dad, I could feel it in her presence.  He would say she just needed help, but something really didn’t feel right to me about her. She would never look me in the eye, and to me that was a big indicator of someone whom had something to hid. I told him he needed be careful with her and that I didn’t like her. But I rarely saw her, so it wasn’t a big deal.  
            Fast forward to the beginning of August. My sister Cecilia and her family were here and my step-dad decided we needed someone to clean the house. This was how Fatima got her in.  
            I was pissed! I asked why out of everyone we knew it had to be her, the one person I didn’t have a good feeling about. I made a scene, which is something I don’t usually do.  But after I calmed down and did some reflecting I decided I was probably over reacting. She had never actually done anything to me, so the least I could do is give her the benefit of the doubt.
            Ha, I learned I need to trust my gut feeling about people. By the 3rd day on the job she was taking a nap in my step-dad’s bed. By the next week she was helping herself to our food and using my body care products and towel.  I would hear all these stories about what she was doing, but by the time I left for work she hadn’t arrived yet, and when I came home she was already gone.  This was not going to work.
            I made it very clear to my step-dad that I was unhappy about the situation and Fatima had picked up on it. She told Cecila that something was wrong with me and that I was crazy. As the tension increased my step-dad finally told her she needed to leave. My step-dad found someone else to clean the house named Maria.
            So what happened? Fatima kept showing up anyways! But she did well to make sure to not to cross my path.  But since we had arranged for a new maid Fatima started telling the new maid what to do as if she was owner of the house. She would sit and order Maria around and tell her what needed to be cleaned and how things should be done. But Fatima made sure that only she was doing the cooking, she made her specialty of rice with spam.
            Lots of Ramos’s things were also going missing like clothes and shoes. She was caught wearing his ring and she stole his iphone. She was still making her self at home with my things. I asked Cecilia why she was allowing Fatima to hang around. Her response was that she was trying! Of course there was a language barrier, but Fatima also used the excuse that she was waiting for my step-dad, so she’d spend the day at the house waiting for him.
            As I was getting ready for work one morning Maria pulled me aside to ask if I had been Fatima’s food.
            I told her I had only eaten her food the first day she was here.  That was the day I learned she was Muslims. Why does that matter? Muslims, specifically from the Fula ethnicity, are known to play to black magic. Call it paranoia, but I figured it was better to be safe then sorry, so I stopped eating whatever she made after that 1st day. But aside from black magic, it just didn’t seem right on my part to eat the food of someone I didn’t like and who also knew I didn’t like them.
            Maria went on to tell me that Fatima had put “medicine” in the food for me so that I would like her.  I was surprised to actually her this, but was skeptical and  asked her how she knew.  She said that Fatima had her plan all layed out: Fatima knew I didn’t like her so she was doing voodoo on the food in hopes that we would be friends and I would want her to stay.  Fatima said explicity told Maria, “ I know Kumba (me) wants me to leave, but she can’t make me go anywhere.”   
            I laughed! This was too crazy to be true. And it was so strang because she had met my mom when she came 2 years ago and told Fatima how much they had liked each other. I told my step-dad what had happened. He was surprised and disappointed to hear it, but continued to eat her food anyways in the following days!!
            That same day Cecila had noticed Fatima go home with daughter Emma’s bracelet. She came back with it the next day and she gave it to Maria to give back to Cecila. When Cecil touched the bracelet she felt a shock in her hand that went all the way up her arm. She took it to her husband Remy and he immediately dropped it when Cecila put it in his hand.
            Remy is a healer/medium and is very sensitive to energies and supernatural activities. With my food situation and the strange sensations he was picking up from the bracelet, he knew there was some black magic at play.  He immediately did something to put protection over the house and us.  As he was protecting the house he said he felt the heavy presence of animals, specifically a snake. He deduced that she must be using animal magic.
            There was also 3 consecutive days when the kitchen was filled with bees, wasps, and flies. We walked into the kitchen and herd really loud buzzing we assumed they were up in the rafters.
            Remy’s mom is also a healer and he called her to look a little deeper into what was going on and to give us some extra protection. The next day she called to tell Remy’s that Fatima had done a lot of black magic against my step-dad.  (It made sense now why he kept brining her around.)  Remy’s mom said Fatima had even done some black magic against Remy!  She sad he had also done some black magic against Remy because she could sence that he was protecting everyone with counter magic.
            While all of this was going on Ramos kept trying to defend her. The situation got to the point where we literally had to pull an intervention!! And he didn’t listen to us still!!
            But after an hour and an half session with Remy to get rid of all the black magic on him in addition to the neighbors counseling him to get rid of her, he finally gave her the boot. But he said it had to be slow and seemingly natural so she wouldn’t retaliate. Our neighbors, on the other hand, threatened her and told her if anything happened to me and my step-dad they knew it was her who did it.
            I later came to find out that while all of this was going on, there was some black magic going on with my step-dad’s truck! He didn’t tell me until weeks after my sister had gone back to France.  He said that all the helpers on his truck were friends of Fatima’s.  There was a specific incident in which his truck unexpectedly stopped working in Buba on the way back from a route.   A friend of his named Edi went with him to see what the problem was. Edi searched the truck and found tucked in between the seat and in the seams of fabric little strange trinkets made from animal teeth and skin.   Edi broke the trinkets (and almost broke the drivers nose!) and strangely enough, the truck started to work normally.
            His driver had been hopping that in using black magic my step-dad would get tired of the truck and give it to him! I don’t know if Fatima’s work is behind this, but the timing is too paralleled with what happened at our house to be coincidental.
            Anyways I haven’t seen or heard new about Fatima in a while and im really hoping it stays that way.

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